Watershed Sciences Company Overview

Watershed Sciences (WS) has been providing consulting geomorphology services to both private and public sector clients since mid 2001. During this time Watershed Sciences has received over 75 project contracts that have involved watershed analyses, restoration design, feasibility and constraint studies, monitoring and stream profile studies, land use impact analyses, landslide analyses, assessment of silvicultural impacts, assessment of aquatic and salmonid habitat, development of sediment budgets, and flood analyses. Areas of expertise provided by Watershed Sciences include fluvial and tidal marsh geomorphology, interpretation of historical landscape conditions, hydrology, sediment budgeting, landslide and stream mapping, land use impacts assessment, stereo aerial photo interpretation, stream profile surveying, and stream restoration. Watershed Sciences has produced reports, scientific publications and presentations, methodologies, plans, cost estimates, and original surveys and maps. Watershed Sciences has provided expert legal testimony, public and scientific presentations, and technical oversight to various federal, state, county, and local districts entities. Watershed Sciences is certified by the County of Alameda as a Small Emerging Business and is 100% woman owned.

Laurel Collins